Life in the forest isn't always what it seems.

There is a clan of tiny creatures, the Oolygalees, who stand about six inches tall, and their skin is an apricot color. Get ready to dive into their world in this fun-filled children's book that is filled with adventure, fantasy, and wonder! Deep within the San Bernardino National Forest is a small village called 'Little Bear Valley.' There are about 14 miles of shoreline, which is about 100 feet deep. The sun could be seen through the trees as the wind blows back and forth, and you can hear small animals in the distance. Oolygalees are quiet, friendly, and gentle creatures living next to different insects, little birds, and other small forest animals. They live amongst the grass, bushes, and trees, and water. They are friends with everyone in the forest, but soon they come across one of the most dangerous bugs, the Bark Beetles.



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A friendship of a small child and a horse.

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Share in the adventures of a small child, Thelma, and the horse of the Indian chief who lives on the Indian reservation in the beautiful mountains of Montana. 


The Indians have an old custom that they must sacrifice the Indian Chiefs' horse in honor of the person who died.  Because Thelma’s grandfather is the Indian chief, his horse, River must die. 


Thelma finds out about this custom and knows she must find a way for River to live,  so she begins a journey to cross mountains and rivers while running across bighorn sheep, deer, and buffalo. But she must fight off wolves, cougars, and bears on her journey to set River free.