John Petrovitz is a producer, director, and designer with more than twenty years of multicultural and diverse industry experience in all aspects of animation production, including development, pre-production, production, and post-production with credits in more than forty projects.


NIC has over forty credits in animated projects of many different formats. During the last twenty years, NIC has set-up his full-service animation studio in the US, Russia, and Korea, overseeing business affairs and everyday operations focusing his attention on locating and training local talent.


John started NIC Entertainment in 1990. He has more than twenty-five years of experience in overseas production. He produced, directed, and supervised production of more than 100 half-hour TV episodes, two features, and several short films, specials, commercials, and pilots in 2D,3D, and Flash for Cartoon Network, Discovery Kids, Film Roman, Marvel, Felix the Cat Productions, Stan Lee Media, Cinegroupe (Canada) and others.


Becky Altringer joined NIC in 2014. She incorporated NIC in New Mexico in 2016, and that is where we are today. Becky has been a licensed private investigator and business owner for over twenty-four years. She is known to take adequate safety precautions while working in the field, as she has been in close contact with unfamiliar

and potentially dangerous individuals and animals. 


She is known for assisting corporations and legal offices in fact-finding missions.  She is best known for exposing the MPAA in the IFC documentary titled, "This Film Is Not Yet Rated," directed by the Oscar-nominated director, Kirby Dick. Becky worked with Kirby Dick on two more projects, Outrage and The Invisible War. She was the technical consultant for ABC Stumptown.  


Becky has been writing children's stories for thirty years but never attempted to create any projects until she met John. Together they have created several new projects. 



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